Febuary 17th -19th
The Doubletree Resort Hotel
Orlando, Florida

April 14th-15th
Claudelands Event Centre
Hamilton, New Zealand

April 21st-22nd
TSB Bank Arena
Wellington, New Zealand

The Hilton Vancouver Metrotown
April 26th-29th
Vancouver, BC, Canada

PA Convention Centre
June 1st-3rd
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Westin O’Hare Hotel
Aug 17th-19th
Chicago, IL, USA

Austin Convention Centre
26th-28th October
Austin, TX, USA

Previous Events


Wolf Gateway to Sanctuary Convention: January 28th – 30th, London, UK
Creation Official Stargate Convention: April 14th – 17th, Burnaby, BC, Canada
FedConXX: April 28th – May 1st, Düsseldorf, Germany
Phoenix Comic Con: May 26th – 29th, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Hub Productions: September 10th, Adelaide, Australisa
Hub Productions: September 11th, Perth, Australia
Creation Official Stargate Convention: November 18th – 20th, LA, USA


A1 Comics – Scotland: January 25th, Glasgow, Scotland
Wolf Stargate Worlds: January 22nd – 25th, London (Heathrow), UK
Calgary Expo: April 24th – 25th, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Gatecon Vancouver: 8th – 11th July, Vancouver, Canada
Wizard World Chicago: August 19th – 22nd, Chicago, USA
Dragon*Con: September 3rd – 6th, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Wolf Pegasus 4: January 23rd – 25th, London (Heathrow), UK
Creation Official Starget Convention: April 2nd – 5th, Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada
Hollywood Collectors Show: April 25th – 26th, Burbank, LA, USA
Creation Official Starget Convention: August 21st – 23rd August, Chicago, USA
Dragon*Con: September 4th – 7th,Atlanta, Georgia USA
Armageddon Expo: October 17th – 18th, Melbourne, Australia
Armageddon Expo: October 24th – 25th, Auckland, New Zealand
Creation Official Starget Convention: November 6th – 8th, Los Angeles, CA, USA